AngelTalk 3: Yin & Yang and the balance between dark and light

In this episode I will talk about what i sense is going on globally on an energetic level. And the lessen we can learn from the Yin Yang symbol and why it is important to integrate both the light and darkness within yourself.

What if the task of a ‘lightworker’ has nothing to do with unilaterally embracing the light in yourself? But more with embracing all that is: both the light and dark?

Podcast - Angeltalks: the awakening to your true self

"Just remember who you are and the world will change."

In this channel I will share my insights and inspiration regarding the awakening to your true self and what's going on in our personal lives and on a global scale.

My insights & inspirations are based on my own personal development, profound research into all aspects of life (e.g. a research amongst five thousand 5-25 years old which laid the foundation of my book and the lessons of numerous persons I was able to coach). But most of all, since i'm also an energy reader, i will share my insights based on tuning in into the current global energies.

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