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Wouldn’t it be great if your target audience is just as enthusiastic as you are!Maybe you already have a great idea for a brand, product or service, or you are just looking for this. The development of a new marketing proposition demands a lot from you/your organization: not only in terms of time and energy but also in terms of money. In many cases it involves blood, sweat and tears. And then, in the end, it’s nice to be rewarded for this…. But how do you make sure that you strike the right chordwith your target group? That you have found the “hot button” to actuallyset them in motion?

Step one in the development of a successful brand or product is to formulate consumer insights. The ‘hot button’ that is powerful enough to set your target group in motion. In addition, a good consumer insight provides clear focus and direction to the development process.

Consumer insights are often confused with consumer understandings: interesting and valuable insights such as: who is the target group, what makes them tick and why? However, these insights only form the basis for true consumer insights whereby the insights are translated into profound insights into the rational and irrational behavior of the target group...


After all, we humans are very complex beings who often do not even understand of themselves why they do what they do or feel what they feel… If people had listened unquestioningly to the reactions to the idea of a cell phone then it would probably never have been invented… That is why I believe that the development of a successful brand or product always begins with fully understanding the target group:looking for the right chord, the ‘hot button’ that sets them in motion.

A consumer insight is a discovery about your target audience that allows you to make a connection between your brand/product and his or her life and elicits an emotional response like: you totally understand me!”- Mat Shore (Fire Brands).


In order to strike the heart of your target audience, you need to understand who they truly are

By working together with a powerful team of passionate and experienced experts, a flexible networkhas been created with which we canhandle any question or challenge. Depending on the question or objective, we support organizations in finding the right consumer insights and translating these into a unique and distinctive positioning for your brand, product or service.

I often make use of the BrandKey. This describes, among other things, how the positioning can be shaped: a clear manual for your brand or product that you can get to work with right away.

Of course, I’m also happy to use my extensive experience to support you in all kinds of other marketing, communication, innovation and research issues.


Curious about the possibilities? Then contact me to see what I can do for you or take a look at some nice recommendations belowfrom Zpress Young, Plus Retail, Hogeschool HAS, ANWB Explorers of Bakkersland. After all, they can tell you much better what I can do for you.

ZPress Young
Research and reposition various magazines for children (1/2)

What can you do when you can' t help yourself? Or if you need confirmation? Right, you call Angela Weghorst of TwinQ. Because you know that she is there for you in word and deed, is very passionate about her work and transforms herself into the target group you are researching.

So it went with MEIDEN (which only increased in circulation after the survey!), but also in the past year with STOER! (formerly known as Kr@sh).

With increasing competition in a tight market, it is difficult to position a magazine in a unique way. And much more importantly, to actually get guys to read it!

Sandra Kers - Marketing & Salesmanager, ZPress Young

ZPress Young
Research and reposition various magazines for children (2/2)

Angela got to the bottom of the guys in a super enthusiastic and fun way. If at first the editors had doubts about a "research", "because what should you do with some opinions and collected facts", at the end they were eager to get to work, so they could process the new insights into STOER! The report with the practical BrandKey incorporated in it was a real godsend.

With each edition of STOER! this practical "manual" is picked up again so that each issue meets the needs of our "Mick", the benchmark person. The nice thing is that you also go back to the conversations that Angela had with the target group. Because in addition to work, it was also a lot of fun. We laughed a lot, also about Angela who had more or less changed into Mick after a few weeks. She just didn't have the beard in her throat yet! But she did have that twinkle in her eye! ;-)’

Sandra Kers - Marketing & Salesmanager, ZPress Young

Plus Retail
Research & optimizing winning loyalty campaigns (1/2).

Background:In recent years, the use of loyalty programs in the form of promotional savings campaigns for children has grown enormously. It has now been amply proven that such campaigns can be so successful that they have a strong sales-increasing effect.

The final choice of a promotional item also involves great risk and uncertainty. Plus Retail approached TwinQ to support them in putting together their annual loyalty programme. For this purpose, we used qualitative research to gain a basic understanding of how children's savings campaigns work and we evaluated and optimized existing concept ideas.


Plus Retail
Research & optimizing winning loyalty campaigns (2/2).

"TwinQ has conducted several qualitative surveys amongst children for Plus, each time looking for 'winning' loyalty campaigns.

We were very impressed by the enormous flexibility and service orientation of this agency. For example, the insights obtained during the project were immediately translated into optimized concepts. As a result, we found a number of winning concepts.

In addition, we are also very impressed with the quality of the research as well as the qualitative reporting/presentation. Service orientation does not stop at TwinQ after the report is finished."

Mireille Verberkt - Manager Loyaliteit, Plus Retail

ANWB Explorers
Consultancy and target group check for positioning & development of ANWB Explorers membership (1/2)

Background: ANWB Explorers is a (free) membership for children 0-14 years that is linked to the parents' ANWB membership.

In order to formulate a clear vision with regard to the target group, positioning, objectives and content of the membership, ANWB approached TwinQ for both a marketing consultancy trajectory and a target group check.

ANWB Explorers
Consultancy and target group check for positioning & development of ANWB Explorers membership (2/2)

"Within 3 weeks Angela delivered a complete report with a clear vision and positioning for ANWB Explorers. From the moment I asked her to do this, she worked with conviction and enthusiasm.

In addition, she was very empathetic to the client's issues and open to other ideas and opinions.

I am very satisfied with the way Angela handled this on short notice. And also with the final result!"

René Gelderblom - Marketeer ANWB Explorers / Streetwise

Uncovering the success factors of the current range in order to translate them into concrete new concept directions (1/2).

Background: Bakkersland offers a wide range of bakery products. It has the ambition to further develop and grow the bakery category, both nationally and internationally. To achieve this, the company is working on the development of new products, among other things.

In order to do so, TwinQ searched for the success factors of the current range in order to translate them into concrete new concept directions. The ultimate answer turned out to lie in the power of simplicity....

Uncovering the success factors of the current range in order to translate them into concrete new concept directions (2/2).

"TwinQ collected consumer insights on bread concepts for Bakkersland.

TwinQ's approach, consisting of very in-depth interviews summarized throughout the process, has been very enlightening. The schematic representation of the results is very useful for further presentations.

TwinQ has inspired us on our way to new concepts."


Blooming Film
Consultancy/collaboration in the development of new TV formats

"TwinQ is the right agency for us to work with. We focus on the target group children with our content for both TV and digital. We use TwinQ to test our concepts in advance, because TwinQ knows better than anyone what is going on in this rapidly changing target group.

TwinQ gives us good feedback that we use in our TV formats and digital platforms. Our collaboration gives me a real TwinQ in the eye!"

Frank Jan Horst - Founder/ Producer Blooming film, tv & digital

HAS University of Applied Sciences
Research for positioning HAS Limburg and providing various training courses / guest lectures (1/2)

For the HAS in Den Bosch, we investigated the image of the University, the study choice behavior of prospective students and, based on surveys with young people, we gave advice on the positioning and possible expansion of the HAS in Venlo.

In addition to this research and advice, Angela has provided various training courses and guest lectures at the HAS for many years.

HAS University of Applied Sciences
Research for positioning HAS Limburg and providing various training courses / guest lectures (2/2)

"Als één van de eerste opdrachtgevers hebben wij met bijzonder veel plezier samengewerkt met Twinq in een onderzoek onder potentiële studenten voor onze opleidingen. The professionalism with which Angela and Ike conducted all phases of the research was impressive. Here are two true professionals.

In addition, we were very satisfied with the way TwinQ empathized with us as a client. Our question was really their question, to which they gave us a very good and useful answer.

Also, the enthusiasm shown by both researchers struck us, which made us, as the client, enjoy participating in the research."

Frans van Leijden - Managing Director HAS University of Applied Sciences Venlo

Why TwinQ: insights & inspiration

Both myself and the dedicated TwinQ team are doing what our heart desires. This does not only make us happy, it also allows us to do exactly where our strengths lies. In the research underlying my book ‘Anders’, I discovered that the things you love to do are the very things you are good at!

I’m known for always taking that extra mile in order to provide more than just insight. I will not be satisfied until I can offer a clear overview as well as striking the core, the essence. Because right in that core, that essence, lies the answer for real change and growth. And I’m proud to have contributed to countless successful market introductions and personal transformations.

Want to know what I can do for you/your organization? Or looking for more information?

Call or mail me. I'd be happy to tell you more. In addition to the offerings on this website, I am happy to share my insights through lectures/inspiration sessions and my blogs on various platforms.


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