Angela Weghorst

As a little girl, I knew that there is ‘more’. This is probably why I subconsciously wanted to explore life from different points of view in order to develop my own vision. So I havestudied Industrial Design at the Technical University at Delft (Netherlands), and for about 12 years the course ‘intuitive development & energy reading’ at Margriet van Bentem. Have been working as a marketeer (e.g. responsible for the global Maxi Cosi brand) and the past 15 years i’ve been working as a marketing-/consumer insights consultant, specialized in brand positioning/development and marketing strategy and as a trainer/coach personal & intuitive development. Besides that since a few years i’m also an author of the book ‘Anders: the true story of generation Zenz, the 5 to 25 year-olds of today’which, by the way, is a big surprise for me since I always assumed I didn’t like writing.

  • Work activities: Consumer Insights consultant | trainer-coach personal- & intuitive development | author & keynote speaker | founder TwinQ: the key to your target group/yourself.
  • Fields of interest:people, personal development, brand-/concept development, energy reading/healing, soul purpose, uncovering the essence of people/propositions, the power of love and live itself.
  • Key words: enthusiastic, pure, driven, inspiring, curious, open, no-nonsense and direct, warm, authentic, analytical, intuitive and creative.
  • Modus operandi: I combine marketing, psychology, intuition and creativity with a touch of humor.


When you are able to grasp the core, the essence, the answer automatically appears

The common thread in all my work is my fascination for humans: who are they and why are humans the way they are and act as they do? In order to get an answer to this, I have read countless books about the human psyche, studied neuro-marketing, spirituality, followed every reallife program and did extensive research into others and myself.
Where I found most of the answers, by the way, was during the study ‘energy reading and intuitive development’, which I followed for twelve years (EKV with Margriet van Bentem). There I learned, amongst other things, to look much deeper at myself and others: beyond the veils of physical reality. Something which I was able to apply during numerous marketing projects as well as during the personal development projects. It helps me to get to the heart of the matter in no time. So my background is creative, technical, commercial, psychological as well as energetic/ spiritual.

My dream is that everyone is free to be themselves, just the way they are

And that everyone is given the chance to become the best version of themselves, and not a modified version as (we think) others want us to be.

I firmly believe that when we tap into everyone’s full potential, everyone’s unique passions and talents, we collectively are able to make this world a better place. For now and later. My desire is to be able to affect and inspire as many people as possible so they (re)discover their own core & strength, remember their unique place in the whole and are able to do who they are.


In other words: “Be the best of whatever you are” – Martin Luther King Jr.


My passion is to uncover and understand what’s going on deep inside the hearts of young and old

My passion is to uncover what’s going on deep inside the hearts of young and old and translate it into tangible insights and inspiration you can start working with right away. The search for the essence and the correct translation is something that fascinates and inspires me immensely. I am always looking for the twinkle in the eyes, which indicates that you know how to strike the right chord to set someone in motion: whether it concerns your target group or yourself. That twinkle makes me go a step further than just offering insight. I am only satisfied when I have been able to offer a clear overview as well as touching the core. Because it is precisely in that core, that essence, that I find the answer for real innovation and growth. And I am secretly quite proud that I have been able to stand at the cradle of countless successful marketing propositions and personal transformations.


The real story of generation Zenz, the 5- to 25 year olds of today

Are children and youngsters nowadays actually more spoiled, hard-to-handle and only thriving whilst online? Is there actually an explosion of children with ADHD, ADD, autism, high sensitivity, etc.? read more.

"For anyone who is involved with or interested in young people, for anyone who is interested in the world of today and tomorrow, this book is more than worth reading."

Helmar Niemeijer
Review: Managementboek

"I am touched by this profound and powerful plea to look past the expectations, labels, norms and masks so we can once again see and embrace the uniqueness of our children and youth. It provides me as a teacher and parent a complete and clear understanding of today's generation, parenting...and ultimately myself."

Karin van de Vegte
Elementary school teacher, ECHA giftedness specialist

"An absolute must read if you are involved with children and young people, both in your work and private life! The book shows you how to look at them differently and guides you in how to support them in becoming, as Angela puts it, "the best version of themselves."

Mary van Hoek-Hendriks
Lecturer Food Innovation HAS University of Applied Sciences

"Weghorst describes in an accurate, detailed way the results of her profound research..." "She does this in a way that touches you. It's not a dry, scholarly book, but a book that is alive."

Willem van Hartskamp
Review: BoekenBloggenderwijs

ANDERS - Het échte verhaal van Generatie Zenz, de 5- tot 25-jarigen van nu (Kopie)

Want to know what I can do for you/your organization? Or looking for more information?

Call or mail me. I'd be happy to tell you more. In addition to the offerings on this website, I am happy to share my insights through lectures/inspiration sessions and my blogs on various platforms.


Three areas of expertise

The children & youth of today

Looking for insights & inspiration to truly understand, motivate and connect with 5-25 year olds?

Personal & intuitive development

Would you like to grow and develop on a personal and/or intuitive level?

Positionering & strategie

Looking for the hot button to strike the heart of your target group and trigger them to take action?


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TwinQ is certified in accordance with the quality code for educational institutions for short professional education. Short-term vocational education is understood to mean all training aimed at enabling people to function (better) in a (future) job.

Due to its registration in the CRKBO register, TwinQ has a VAT exemption for all personal development sessions, workshops and trainings. In addition, most companies have a budget for training and/or personal development. The advantage of this registration is that clients can rest assured that TwinQ meets the quality requirements for short professional education. More information can be found on the website of CRKBO