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You may recognize moments in your life when you felt really powerfuland realized that you didn’t have to ‘work’ to get things done. These are moments when you‘coincide’ with yourselfso to speak. There is no difference between: who am I, what do I love to do and what do I have to offer. You’re not obstructed by your chattering brain that tends to portray reality just less brightly and to make you look smaller than you are.

Children up to the year of six have the talent to fully do who they are. They live in the moment and can be completely absorbed in what they are doing. This also applies to people who are (have been) successful.


Just think of Johan Cruijff or Einstein. The golden triangle between ‘who am I’, ‘what do I love to do’ and ‘what do I have to offer’ was fully in balance within them. There was no separation between these three. For most people, however, this doesn’t seem to be the case. As you grow up, you learn to adapt yourself more and more to the expectations of others or ‘the standard’ at school, on the street or in (social) media.

And every once in a while, something gnaws. You might sense that “something is missing” or “wrong” in your life. Or you may feel it’s time to do what you came here for. ToTo live according to your soul-purpose. Torelease what’s inside.. To start doing who you are. But what? Then the question quickly arises: who am I and what do I really want? No matter what you try, you can’t put your finger on it.


Do you allow yourself the opportunity to go just that level deeper in your personal & intuitive development, beyond the chatter of your brain?

Perhaps you’ve already tried numerous things to get the best out of yourself. Your head is spinning and you’ve had countless conversations with yourself, your friends, colleagues or even professionals. But somehow, none of this seems to help sufficiently.

We are used to approaching our questions, problems and challenges in a rational way. To reason them out, analyze them, try to make sense of it all and come up with practical solutions or tools. But my experience is that this is just a ‘band-aid on the wound’. A band-aid with which you can (temporarily) cover the underlying emotions and desires.

In addition, I believe that the answer for real change and growth can’ t be found with just your ratio. Because if that were the case, why didn’t you find the right answers yet? After all, you are smart enough.

I love to help you bring out the best of yourself (again) so you can do who you are

In my view real change and growth can only be realized when you use all knowledge and information that you bear within. When you tap into the full depths of who you are. A human being is much more than just his mental brain. Various scientific studies have shown that we do things unconsciously for more than 85%, such as making choices or performing actions. That’s why I address your ratio, emotion and intuition:

  • Ratio: the ability to think, understand, explain and put things into words
  • Emotio: the voice of your needs and desires and the key to your own core and power
  • Intuition: the voice of your inner perception, knowing and wisdom, a voice that goes beyond knowledge

I do this by means of guided meditations/visualizations, metaphor sessions, various exercises and conversations. You learn to listen to your intuition and at the same time set your energy field in motion so that you also start working with yourself on a deeper level. You will eventually notice that that you radiate more strength and the impact on others is increased.

During the sessions I use my own energy reading and healing skills so I can support you in your process and can help you to retrieve and understand the information from your energy field. Also, and not entirely unimportant, during the sessions there is more than enough room forhumor and fun. After all, growing is much more fun in a light environment than in a dark one, right? A plant also grows better in the sunshinethen in the shadow.

I love to help you to bring out the best of yourself (again). How? How? This can be done in several ways: trough an individual coaching program or one of the (online) group programs. Of course it is also possible toarrange in-company and custom made programs.


When we tap into everyone’s full potential, everyone’s unique passions and talents, we collectively are able to make this world a better place. For now and later

Everyone is different. My dream is that everyone can be themselves, just the way they are. And that everyone is given the chance to become the best version of themselves, and not a modified version as (we think) others want us to be.

I firmly believe that when we tap into everyone’s full potential, everyone’s unique passions and talents, we collectively are able to make this world a better place. For now and later.

So why be “normal” and conform to “the norm,” the average when you can also be the best version of yourself?


The real story of generation Zenz, the 5- to 25 year olds of today

Are children and youngsters nowadays actually more spoiled, hard-to-handle and only thriving whilst online? Is there actually an explosion of children with ADHD, ADD, autism, high sensitivity, etc.? read more.

"For anyone who is involved with or interested in young people, for anyone who is interested in the world of today and tomorrow, this book is more than worth reading."

Helmar Niemeijer
Review: Managementboek

"I am touched by this profound and powerful plea to look past the expectations, labels, norms and masks so we can once again see and embrace the uniqueness of our children and youth. It provides me as a teacher and parent a complete and clear understanding of today's generation, parenting...and ultimately myself."

Karin van de Vegte
Elementary school teacher, ECHA giftedness specialist

"An absolute must read if you are involved with children and young people, both in your work and private life! The book shows you how to look at them differently and guides you in how to support them in becoming, as Angela puts it, "the best version of themselves."

Mary van Hoek-Hendriks
Lecturer Food Innovation HAS University of Applied Sciences

"Weghorst describes in an accurate, detailed way the results of her profound research..." "She does this in a way that touches you. It's not a dry, scholarly book, but a book that is alive."

Willem van Hartskamp
Review: BoekenBloggenderwijs

ANDERS - Het échte verhaal van Generatie Zenz, de 5- tot 25-jarigen van nu (Kopie)

Want to know how I can support you in your personal/intuitive development? Or looking for more information?

Call or mail me. I'd be happy to tell you more. In addition to the offerings on this website, I am happy to share my insights through lectures/inspiration sessions and my blogs on various platforms.

Overview offering
Key to yourself


Soul Purpose programma©

The Soul Purpose program, based on the Personal BrandKey©, will give you a deep insight into yourself and what makes you unique. You will gain insight into your (soul) mission, talents and motives and answer questions like: who am I and what do I really want?

In short: the key to yourself.

Personal Leadership Program

This personal leadership program teaches you to rely (more) on your inner wisdom and to act from self-confidence. You experience more peace and balance in thinking, feeling and acting. Your impact (on the behavior of others) is significantly enhanced as you radiate a natural leadership.

Energy Reading

During this 'conversation with yourself' you gain insight at a deeper level about yourself and the main themes that play a role in your personal and professional life in this phase of your life. Depending on your question, you can also gain insight into e.g. your life mission, relationships, work and health.

(Online) Soulsessions

Be inspired by the voice of your subconscious, your inner wisdom and gain insight into yourself and relevant themes in your life on a deeper level. In addition, you will experience becoming more empowered in both your personal and professional life as your energy system comes into balance.

TwinQ Personality Profile©

The TwinQ Personality Profile provides in-depth insight into your character traits, your qualities, pitfalls, communication preferences, underlying motives and natural role within a team. Using the TwinQ Personality Profile, you not only learn to put your own behaviour in perspective, but also that of others, which leads to greater mutual understanding.

Within organizations, the TwinQ Personality Profiles can provide insight into the various personalities and qualities present within the team. This contributes to mutual appreciation and respect, allowing colleagues to work together more pleasantly and effectively.


CRKBO registered

TwinQ is certified in accordance with the quality code for educational institutions for short professional education. Short-term vocational education is understood to mean all training aimed at enabling people to function (better) in a (future) job.

Due to its registration in the CRKBO register, TwinQ has a VAT exemption for all personal development sessions, workshops and trainings. In addition, most companies have a budget for training and/or personal development. The advantage of this registration is that clients can rest assured that TwinQ meets the quality requirements for short professional education. More information can be found on the website of CRKBO